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At SignageArt, we are able to handle all of your illuminated signage needs.

In particular, we can design and manufacture:

- Fabricated Aluminum and Steel Lit Signs.

- Face lit

- Halo lit (backlit)

- Face and Halo lit

- Cast and Machined Acrylic Lit Signs

- Face lit

- Halo Lit

- Side lit

- Partial side lit

- Any combinations of the above

- Formed Plastic Lit Signs, including Faux Neon. 

Similar to the Acrylic lit signs, but made out of a non petroleum-based, renewable plastic. This kind of signs allow us to obtain 3D shapes (face does not need to need flat) and it is also also the base for our faux neon product line - they look like just neon signs, but they are actually LED, so more durable and less fragile.

All of our illuminated signs come pre-wired and ready to be easily installed. For details on the mounting options, please contact us.

illuminated signs
(letters and logos)

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