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Dimensional letters and logos are offered in many different materials:

- Metals: Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper

- Plastics: Acrylic, PVC, ABS, Polypropylene.

- Rigid Foam

- Wood

Each material comes in many different finishes (brushed, polished, rust, perforated and many more) and colors, with the possibility of matching any color our customers ask.

All of our dimensional signs come with their respective mounting pattern, which will ensure the perfect mounting and alignment between the different elements (logos and letters) of the sign. 

These signs can be a few inches small or many feet large, they come in many finishes and thicknesses and they can be illuminated is several different ways. Please contact us to learn more and to ask for your free quote.


dimensional letters and logos.

The letters can be mounted on any surface using mainly 3 different methods:

1) Studs

The most common option, used for 90% of our dimensional signs. It allows the letters and logos to be offset from the wall. The studs are embedded or screwed into the letters (depending on the material), and then inserted into the wall or into a mounting bracket.

2) Back Adhesive

 This is the simplest way, just peel the film on the back and go! This mounting option will work only when the surface where the letters are to be placed is flat.

3) Screws

The letters are just screwed into the wall. This is another very simple mounting option, but the head of the screw will show on the front of the letters.