hdu signs.

intricate 3d details

HDU stands for High Density Urethane, an extremely versatile material used in many different industries. When used for signage, it produces very intricate details extremely accurately and smoothly.

Our signs are carved to give 2.5D and 3D shapes which catch eyes in a way unreachable by normal 2D, flat sign.



Another peculiar feature of our HDU signs is its durability. No other 3D carved material can withstand the elements as well as HDU does.


The density of the material we use is 25% higher than the industry standards. This means higher quality, smoother details and longer durability.


The signs above are just a tiny part of all those manufactured for offices and businesses, parks, churches, private customers, as well as government agencies and other public entities.

In most cases, and if you don't already have a design in mind, we can use one that you see on our website and customize it for you. Or, we can just design a new sign from scratch!

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