metal plaques.

Our Metal Plaques and Signs products are highly valuable, durable and elegant. Common uses for our plaques are:

1) Memorial Plaques.

2) Government Seals.

3) Plaques for public institutions.

4) Plaques for professional firms and associations.

We can make these plaques using 4 different techniques:

1) 100% Metal - Pure Bronze, Brass, Steel or Aluminum - Highly valuable - These plaques and signs last virtually forever.

2) Cold cast coating over HDU - Bronze, Copper, Aluminum or Brass - This technique adds a layer of real metal to the sign.

3) Leaf Gilding over HDU or Wood - 24K real Gold or Pure Silver - This technique also adds a layer of real Gold or Silver to the sign. Most of the time, the precious metal leaves are applied only to parts of the sign, in order to have them stand out.

4) Metallic paint - This technique does not actually add real metal, but we use the best quality metallic paint on the market, which perfectly imitates real metals, making it a perfect, less expensive alternative to the two options above.


In the case of cold cast coating and leaf gilding, these signs are covered in real metal, which can even be 24K Gold or pure Silver, giving this line of products a unique value.


Our HDU signs are already the most durable in the industry. Add a metal coat to that and you'll have a product which will last for decades.

And if you are considering a pure metal plaque instead, that's even more durable!


Our metal surface plaques have a unique, distinctive look, reason why they are preferred and were purchased by several government agencies and federal, state and local, public entities (See pictures below).


The signs below are just a tiny part of all those manufactured for offices and businesses, parks, churches, private customers, as well as government agencies and other public entities.

In most cases, and if you don't already have a design in mind, we can use one that you see on our website and customize it for you. Or, we can just design a new sign from scratch! 

Contact us for more info!