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Our products can be installed in many different ways. Below you can see the most common methods and related pictures.

We also make custom brackets and mounting posts, so you have a specific installation idea in mind that is not listed on this page, let us know!

Please note: While we usually don't install the signs ourselves (expect for some locations), we can find the right contactor to install the sign for you.

Please contact us or schedule a free consultation to discuss, basing on your needs, what the best mounting option is.

Method 1: Wall mount.

This is the simplest and least expensive way of installing your sign. It is also one of the most common methods, especially for plaques.

There ae mainly 3 different options when it comes to wall mounting:

1) Z-Clips (French Cleat)

An easy way to mount signs, also heavy ones, on walls.

2) Sawtooth hanger

All you need for this is a nail in the wall! This method is best suited for signs that weigh less than 15 lbs.

3) Back Studs

The most common option, used for 90% of our dimensional signs. It allows the letters and logos to be offset from the wall. The studs are embedded or screwed into the letters (depending on the material), and then inserted into the wall or into a mounting bracket.

All signs made of 2 or more sperate elements (ex. dimensional letters) come with the respective mounting pattern, which guarantees easy and perfect alignment.

4) Back Adhesive

 This is the simplest way, just peel the film on the back and go! This mounting option will work only when the surface where the letters are to be placed is flat.

5) Screws

The letters are just screwed into the wall. This is another very simple mounting option, but the head of the screw will show on the front of the letters


Method 2: scroll brackets.

Scroll brackets are another very common way of installing your sign. The bracket is bolted to a wall or other fixture and then the sign is attached to it, with or without a steel frame.

We have several designed brackets, but we can also make custom ones following our customers instructions!


Method 3: posts.

Aluminum posts can be single, and attach to the sign through a steel bracket or an aluminum perimeter, or double, with steel brackets built into the sign which then are assembled to the aluminum posts.. We offered the posts in different shapes, with different bases and different finials.  

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the sign installation. We can also find a contractor who can install the sign(s) for you.


Method 4:wrought iron stand with ground stakes.

We built wrought iron stands which can accommodate signs 18" to 36" wide and up to 36" high. The top part of the stand can be either straight or curved (please see pictures below). The stand are up 5 1/2 ft tall. 

Signs can come with embedded steel brackets for easy mounting on the stand or we can adapt any existing sign with some simple hardware modifications.

The side stakes can be planted into the ground (if very solid), or into concrete for added stability and resistance to the elements.


Method 5: monument or pylon mounted.

Monument signs are commonly placed at the entrance of park, large commercial and residential complexes and more. 

While we don't build the monuments ourselves, we work with many companies which do and which can build the monument for you.

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