Carved Signs and Plaques.

fine craftsmanship

We are a group of Designers and Craftsmen. We take great pride in our work, our ethic and on the relationships we establish with our customers. Whether you are looking for a very large sign for a big corporate event or for a small one to give as a gift to your loved ones, we are here for you.

All our signs are covered by our 2-year warranty.


Our turnaround time for our artist-made, custom signs is usually under 5 weeks, with some ready in just 2-3 days. Most quotes are provided within 12 hours.

Premium Quality

We design our products, step by step, together with our customers, ensuring 100% satisfaction. All our signs come with a 2-year warranty.

Amreican Heart

Our Signs are 100% Designed and Made in the USA using Top Quality materials, with 2 locations in Indiana and Northern California.


We are aware that or customer service is the most important part of our business. All questions and requests are answered within 2 business hours.

our customers






Architects, Designers, Contractors.


Public entities.



carved wooden signs.

Wooden signs are always in high demand because of their unique elegance and classy touch. We use a variety of wood types such as Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Redwood, Cedar, Maple and more. Our Wooden Sign are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to refined finishing process. 

carved HDU signs.

HDU stands for High Density Urethane, a lightweight, highly durable material, which is carved to obtain beautiful, intricate 3D details. After being carved, HDU signs are painted by our artists using an automotive-grade painting process which guarantees the colors won't fade for a very long time. Our HDU signs are unbeatable when it comes to wear resistance and that is why they make the best kind of signage for outdoor use.

dimensional letters & logos.

We can make letters and logos using many different materials. These signs are extremely durable for both indoor and outdoor use, look very professional and and they have an unlimited number of applications. 

metal coated hdu signs. 

We can achieve a perfect metal surface effects with different methods: 1) Real Metal Plating - Bronze, Aluminum, Brass or Copper. 2) Precious Metals Leaf Gilding - Pure Silver or 24K Gold leaves. 3) Metallic Paint - Gold or Silver. This kind of Signs have a very distinctive and formal look and they are great for Plaques and Seals.

printed signs.

Our printed signs are very versatile and they are inexpensive too, with the smallest sign starting at $10.

A great advantage of this kind of signs is that there no limits when it comes to design.

They can be mounted on a wall with simple screws or with aluminum standoffs, or they can also be hung. You can even mount them of a flat surface with simple double-sided tape.